Our Story

Dear Guests,


Welcome to Hotel Heritage Bhaktapur.  We are privileged to have a chance to welcome you to our hotel. It is almost surreal to have a chance to tell you about the existence of our hotel in this medieval town where my ancestors dwelled since 12th Century.

This hotel  is the culmination of my dream for over 15 years.  We have not left any stones unturned in order to make this a blend of the modern and the medieval. While it has  been carefully designed to meet the modern standards expected by International travelers, at the same time, using the salvaged ancient building materials in its original form and texture.

As I grew up in this old city of Bhaktapur which is incredibly rich in it’s unique tradition and culture, I had a real concern for the fragile environment and respect for our valuable traditions. I would often salvage  and bring home old architectural pieces that were left lying abandoned in the rubble of the many derelict buildings that had been badly suffered during many earthquakes.

Here is a brief rundown of the ancient pieces and how they are used in the construction and the finishing of this hotel.

For a large part of this hotel is covered  with Brick and wood carvings. Most of the bricks come from derelict old palaces and rich merchant’s houses  in the valley. We have integrated beautiful wood carved windows on Hotel’s Front elevation. You will also notice the use of antique marbles and stone floors which were once the pride of few Royal Palaces and are nearly over 400 years old.

The handmade clay bricks with Newari script dots the entire hotel’s interior walls. These bricks dates back to 1994 B.S. (about 75 years old.). These were also salvaged from  a Royal Residence.

Part of our building floors use clay tiles. The special thing about these tiles is that they are entirely produced by the local potters who have been doing this profession for centuries.  You will also find the use of natural stone tiles  throughout the pavement of the hotels and even in the garden. These natural stone tiles come from a local quarry. The quarry is famous for supplying the stone tiles to most of the Kathmandu valley street pavement, especially in Durbar Squares, the ceremonial arenas in the heart of the old cities.

Another prominent material in use in our hotel is a handmade paper called Lokta also know as “Nepali paper.”  This kind of paper  has been produced in Nepal for well over 1000 years. One very specific use of this kind of paper is still in existence in the government today. All land ownership document and deeds paper are documented in this paper which is known to have long life.

We are also prudent in the use of wood. most of the contemporary furniture and wood work are made from very old reclaimed antique beams and floorboards collected from the valley. Wherever possible, we have tried to use traditional pieces for decorations as well as for furnishings.

Our local craftsmen were engaged in the restoration and retrofitting of these  items such as 200 to 300 years old hand crafted wooden beds and mirror frames . We believe, it made significant contributions to the income and the livelihood of these traditional craftsmen and their families. On the other hand, it made our property a true reflection of the city which is rich in century old tradition and culture  which is still in existence today.

The curtains are made of special traditional fabric out of organic cotton which are produced using ancient hand looms by the locals.  The Bamboo and hand-woven corn husk mats are also a local product and most are produced by Women’s Groups, many Single Mothers.

We hope you will have a pleasant stay.

Prakash Dhaubhadel



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