Alain Rouveure – UK – 16-07-2012
“A fantastic hotel, full of character,charm and wonderful service. Everything is just perfect.”
Tom Phipps – UK – 16-07-2012
“Thank you all for a very enjoyable stay at your hotel. Very good. ”
Roger Nelson – USA – 16-07-2012
“Wonderful new hotel in Bhaktapur ! Great staff that attend to every need. This is just what American visitors are looking for.”
Lain Mckee – UAE – 16-07-2012
“Wonderful hotel + staff extremely friendly. I hope they have great success in the future.”
Andrew leonard – – 16-07-2012
“I have stayed at heritage hotel several times and each time I discover something new and special. Your hospitality and service makes me want to stay here as long as possible. Your restaurant is also the best and have found in Bhaktapur and equal to the best in Kathmandu valley. there is no better place to experience the real Nepal-people, culture , craft, architecture than right here. I always look forward to discover more. Thank you.”


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